The Novel

I’m trying to write a novel. It’s what this blog is about, I guess.

But the thing is, I think I’ve finished the second draft. It’s out there. With people.

I’m not sure I like other people reading my work. Bit of a flaw, really, when you want to be an author.

Anyway. The book…

Axe cover


Scratching, then Scratching, then Scratching some more

Scratching your Self and your Soul through your core

The Landlord will Scream, and his Screaming will call,

The Brothers that Bind. Oak and Dogwood will fall…


They say the Axe Public House offers a warm welcome, a world away. They say the Landlord’s important. The friend to all he sees. They’ve never met me.

When a girl you can’t say no to offers you a job, there’s only one  thing you can say. 

I ought to have asked more questions. I ought to have stopped to think. 

The suicides. The secret pub in the cellar to another world. The Incorporeal. The Scratching.

Mark Adams. Landlord of Peacebattle. I have three days to save the world.

I need a pint.


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